top 5 less known best celebrity ass.


5) Rihanna: She has fit body and she is singer. everybody likes her live performance and like to see her butts.

4) Halle Berry: She is a hollywood idol. Every woman wants to have body and ass like hers. She works hard for having a body like this. Juicy!

3) Hilary Duff: She performs good at singing. She is young. She is sportif and knows how to dress up. So we like her out look. nice butt look.

2) Kate Hudson: I know her mother, she is too funny, she has very cute face and smile. these are the genethic treasure for kate hudson but her real treasure is her butt.

1) Jessica Biel: She is so sportive. She works hard for that shape. Her body is a wonderland and her ass is the best part of her body.


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