Todays favorite picks %90 win.

Yolu have to be quick cuz 1st match begins un 1 hour.

England championship
Reading - Midlesbrough
Pick : Midlesbrough WIN (2.45)

2nd match is a NBA match.

Dallas Mavs - L.A. Clippers
Pick : Mavs WIN (2.25)

Dedroit Pistons cheerleaders wallpaper

Detroit is the one of the burning team of NBA these days after leaveing of Smith. So if you are a fan of Pistonz or maybe DP's make some money for you with bets, and you maybe want to get a hot, cool wallpaper. Here it is. A cool with hot cheerleaders of Detroid.

Gigi Hadid Hot Photoass

Whoa baby. My Dutch Palastinian 18-something lingerie model lust crush Gigi Hadid just hit the beach. Did I say ‘whoa’ already? Gigi Hadid might be a full-time earner on the European lingerie modeling circuit, becouse her body, Gigi Hadid ass, tits, lips are just perfect in bikini. Oh, that ridiculously hot back loading, it just got better. If an alien scout landed on Gigi Hadid he’d quickly call for the male of his species to invade earth. Boners are universal. I’m pretty sure I said that before Stephen Hawking did. Gigi Hadid, you are the absolutely sexy bomb.

Todays favorite bet advice

It's an England league 2 compitation.

Luton Town - Shrewsbury Town

Under 3.5

Kinda guarantied pick.

Good luck!

Dallas Mavs cheerleaders 720 x 1280 mobile wallpaper

Mavs is doing good job last months. They show to everyone how you can be a good team. 

mobile wallpaper 720 x 1280 sports betting girl

Sports are so fun to watch. Sports betting is fun to make. Ladies are so satisfied to see.
Here is a good combination for your pleasure.

Superman Saga

! 1993 Warner
Brothers acquires
the rights to the
film, and burns
through multiple
script attempts,
including one
from comic book
fanboy and Clerks
Kevin Smith.
Some of the discarded
plot points
include Superman
dying but first
impregnating Lois
Lane with his spirit,
Superman losing
his ability to fly and
Superman ditching
his tights for an allblack
! 1997 Tim Burton
begins pre-production
on a version
called Superman
Lives, with Nicolas
Cage in the tights.
Then, without
warning, the studio
cancels the $140
million film. Due to
his contract, Cage
makes his full $20
million fee without
working a day.

! 2004 Charlie’s
Angels director
McG signs on to
film a script written
by Lost and Alias
creator J.J. Abrams.
At the last minute,
McG quits, reportedly
because the
studio insists on
filming in Australia
and he’s afraid to
fly. Weeks later,
director Bryan
Singer walks away
from his X-Men
trilogy to helm
Superman Returns.
Between that film’s
budget and the
cash put into failed
attempts, the studio
has reportedly
spent close to
$300 million on