Superman Saga

! 1993 Warner
Brothers acquires
the rights to the
film, and burns
through multiple
script attempts,
including one
from comic book
fanboy and Clerks
Kevin Smith.
Some of the discarded
plot points
include Superman
dying but first
impregnating Lois
Lane with his spirit,
Superman losing
his ability to fly and
Superman ditching
his tights for an allblack
! 1997 Tim Burton
begins pre-production
on a version
called Superman
Lives, with Nicolas
Cage in the tights.
Then, without
warning, the studio
cancels the $140
million film. Due to
his contract, Cage
makes his full $20
million fee without
working a day.

! 2004 Charlie’s
Angels director
McG signs on to
film a script written
by Lost and Alias
creator J.J. Abrams.
At the last minute,
McG quits, reportedly
because the
studio insists on
filming in Australia
and he’s afraid to
fly. Weeks later,
director Bryan
Singer walks away
from his X-Men
trilogy to helm
Superman Returns.
Between that film’s
budget and the
cash put into failed
attempts, the studio
has reportedly
spent close to
$300 million on

Is there such a thing as truth serum

  • Truth Serum?

Sorry, bumping you bros full of Sodium Pentothal will not make them reveal where they hid your inisulin. But dont go into a diabetic coma just yet! While Sodioum Penthothal (or another barbiturate) won't force someone to tell the truth, it will make them feel awesome. So awesome they might open up about WMDs or our missing things.

Which part of the cow tastes best


The porterhouse is the steak you order before you get the electric chair. “It’s big!” says Terry Condon, general manager of Gallagher’s Steak House in New York City. “You’re getting filet and sirloin, aka a strip, split by a bone down the center.” That makes for a lethal injection of meat.

Filet Mignon 

The most expensive and tender cut of steak is the filet because, unlike the rope swing at Janet Jackson’s house, it has very little fat hanging from it. “Depending on how thick you slice it, the filet tends to take longer to cook than other cuts,” Condon says.


Delmonico and Cowboy would be a great name for a cop show if those titles weren’t already reserved for the rib-eye. “Carved out of the rib section, where prime rib comes from, the meat is more marbled,” Condon says. “That makes it the most flavorful cut.”


 This steak is sometimes known as the New York or Kansas City strip, depending on the side of the Mississippi from which you hail. “The sirloin can be served bone in or out,” Condon says. “And it’s a more tender cut.” This area on the cow doesn’t build up that much muscle. Just like you.


 The T-bone is like a porterhouse, but with a smaller filet and a bone across the top. “It’s a difficult cut to choose,” Condon says. “The two pieces can be inconsistent.” Your juicy filet could be complemented by a sirloin so veiny you’d swear it came off of Grandma.


Almost as frequently as we’re asked about Cavalier engine swaps and Tempo fender fl ares, we’re opening letters from readers wanting to get started in competitive racing, but unsure how to begin. For those of you who have to fund yourselves (us), the easiest way is through club racing in an organization like SCCA or NASA, or competitive driving schools like Skip Barber’s. And while clubs exist for nearly every popular platform (sorry, Cavy and Tempo owners), many would agree the most convenient car to begin in is a Mazda; specifi cally, an MX-5 Miata. Recently, 2NR was invited to stand in on MAZDASPEED’s annual MX-5 Cup Shootout, an invite-only battle among eight of the aforementioned sanctioning bodies’ winningest amateur racers, for full-ride corporate Mazda backing in the 2009 SCCA Pro Racing Playboy Mazda MX-5 Cup—a roughly $50,000 value, not to mention, an event that feeds directly into professional ranks. The event was simple: contestants were invited to CA’s

Catalina Uribe Our Sudamericana Hotness

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Bar Rafaeli Playing Tennis

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Indiana Evans ass boobs in blue bikini hot shot.


Hot and sexy ausie shows us some of sexy bikini pictures from Blue Lagoon set. We are glad to meet Indiana Evans's ass and boobs. We already know she has beautyful face. Now we know that she haas nice body and nice ass too...

Some little Info:
Indiana Evans had an interest in performing since the age of five, when she would perform for family and friends. At the age of seven, Indiana's parents enrolled her into dance lessons, which started with ballet and then evolved to jazz and tap.
Before working on Home and Away, Indiana Evans started high school at Newtown High School of the Performing Arts, but left after two weeks to focus on her acting career. She then took up a correspondence course until she turned 15.