Amanda Seyfried Stretch Pants Are a Present for the Community.

Nordic princess turned 26, and celebrated with a wonderful bit of stretch pants goodness, frontal and rear-al, producing some of the finer Seyfried bodily views in some time. We actually couldn't speak for over three minutes here after first gazing upon the fine rear where we imagine grazing We have mixed feelings about the lycra stretch pants phenomenon as it pertains to the entire female gender but on Amanda Seyfried, we can 100% endorse skin-tight anything.

Alessandra Ambrossio wallpaper with her amazing body of course

She is always perfect. Perfect beauty with good ilustrarion and photo. Use it for wall paper. By the way she has amazing body and Alessandro Ambrosio ass... This wallpaper will motivate you for everything(!?) whole day.

Gladiatus Cheat Videos

Money, Level, Weapon Cheat of GLadiatus

Amanda Sayfried Ass Photos by Bad Paparatzi

She is cute green eyed lady that everybody likes to see...I'm not sure it's exactly like the Pirates of the Caribbean where she's an animatronic figure that tilts up and down like a perpetual motion drinking bird, but in a perfect world, that certainly would be the case.

Amanda Sayfried was bending over and bad photographers catch her ass on the air...

Amanda Sayfried Filmography:

Gone (pre-production)
2012 Untitled Mark Webber Project (filming)
2011 Now (post-production)
Sylvia Weis
2006-2011 Big Love (TV series)
Sarah Henrickson
– Where Men and Mountains Meet (2011) … Sarah Henrickson
– Exorcism (2011) … Sarah Henrickson
– The Noose Tightens (2011) … Sarah Henrickson
– Til Death Do Us Part (2011) … Sarah Henrickson
– End of Days (2010) … Sarah Henrickson (credit only)
See all 47 episodes »
2011 Red Riding Hood
2010 Letters to Juliet
2010/I Dear John
Savannah Curtis
2010 A Bag of Hammers
2009 Chloe
2009 Jennifer's Body
Needy Lesnicky
2009 Boogie Woogie
Paige Prideaux
2008 American Dad! (TV series)
– Escape from Pearl Bailey (2008) … Amy (voice)
2008 Official Selection (short)
2008 Mamma Mia!
2008/II Solstice
2006 Justice (TV series)
Ann Diggs
– Pretty Woman (2006) … Ann Diggs
2006 Gypsies, Tramps & Thieves (short)
2004-2006 Veronica Mars (TV series)
Lilly Kane
– Not Pictured (2006) … Lilly Kane
– Leave It to Beaver (2005) … Lilly Kane
– Hot Dogs (2005) … Lilly Kane
– Kanes and Abel's (2005) … Lilly Kane
– Lord of the Bling (2005) … Lilly Kane
See all 11 episodes »
2006 CSI: Crime Scene Investigation (TV series)
Lacey Finn
– Rashomama (2006) … Lacey Finn
2006 Wildfire (TV series)
– Taking Off (2006) … Rebecca
– Nothing Takes the Past Away Like the Future (2006) … Rebecca
– Family Matters (2006) … Rebecca
– Dangerous Liaisons (2006) … Rebecca
– A Good Convict Is Hard to Find (2006) … Rebecca
2006 Alpha Dog
Julie Beckley
2005 American Gun
2005 House M.D. (TV series)
– Detox (2005) … Pam
2005 Nine Lives
2004 Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (TV series)
Tandi McCain
– Outcry (2004) … Tandi McCain
2004 Mean Girls
Karen Smith
2002-2003 All My Children (TV series)
Joni Stafford / Joni Stafford (2002-2003)
– Episode #1.8617 (2003) … Joni Stafford (2002-2003)
– Episode #1.8517 (2003) … Joni Stafford
– Episode #1.8514 (2003) … Joni Stafford
1999-2001 As the World Turns (TV series)
Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2
– Episode #1.11452 (2001) … Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2
– Episode #1.11414 (2000) … Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2
– Episode #1.11350 (2000) … Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2
– Episode dated 1 September 2000 (2000) … Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2
– Episode #1.1322 (2000) … Lucinda Marie 'Lucy' Montgomery #2


Is this Emma ROBERTS nude photo

Is Emma Roberts naked?
Ofcourse not.
She is wearing just like a beautyful women.
Her clothes has some transparent parts. That is totaly normal. Becouse Emma Roberts is all grown up. Has slowly but surely set her hotness phasers to stun, including these recent photos from some fashion party where she looked hotter than I can really ever remember.

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    Platinum Dunes Developing Zombies vs. Robots

    Sony Pictures has purchased the rights to the high-concept comic book series, Zombies vs. Robots and will develop the adaptation through Platinum Dunes, Deadline reports.

    The series, from Ashley Wood and Chris Ryal, features a post-apocalyptic world in which humanity's last survivor, a young girl, is protected from zombie whordes by a team of robots. The original miniseries was followed by a sequel, "Zombies vs. Robots vs. Amazons."

    Wood is also the artist behind another post-apocalyptic robot story, World War Robot, set for adaptation at Walt Disney Pictures under producer Jery Bruckheimer.

    Platinum Dunes has another indie comic book adaptation on its slate with it's planned reboot of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles franchise.

    Source: Deadline

    nba all star contests.

    i love nba allstars becouse of the contests day. 1 day before all-star game, nba's best skilled players trying to beat others. these contests were very interesting before this season. So fun guarenteed for this season too...

    let's look at the contests and contestants.

    Blake Griphin, JaVale MacGee, Sergei Ibaka, DeMar Derosan

    Three-Point Shootout

    Ray Alen, Kevin Durrant, Daniel Gibsson, James Johnes, Paul Pierce and Dorel Wright

    Skills Challenge

    Stephen Cury, Derick Rose, John Wall, Chris Poul and Russel Westbrook

    We all going to see who will win. Fun guarantied.

    Kate Upton is nude painted and si video


    she is georgeous. i think Kate Upton is good choice for si. she looks like candy bar. i like to see her video and naked body at this hollyday. she is nude and painted.

    top 5 less known best celebrity ass.


    5) Rihanna: She has fit body and she is singer. everybody likes her live performance and like to see her butts.

    4) Halle Berry: She is a hollywood idol. Every woman wants to have body and ass like hers. She works hard for having a body like this. Juicy!

    3) Hilary Duff: She performs good at singing. She is young. She is sportif and knows how to dress up. So we like her out look. nice butt look.

    2) Kate Hudson: I know her mother, she is too funny, she has very cute face and smile. these are the genethic treasure for kate hudson but her real treasure is her butt.

    1) Jessica Biel: She is so sportive. She works hard for that shape. Her body is a wonderland and her ass is the best part of her body.