1975 Boeing 747-200F Freighter

1975 Boeing 747-200F Freighter

With gas prices rising so quickly this season, travelers will be more apt to take to the skies for their summer vacations. As a small airline, you could make a huge difference by owning your own Boeing 747, with plenty of room for lots of paying passengers. Finding a Boeing 747 isn’t as easy as it sounds, but if you look around, you can find them.

Take for instance this 1975 Boeing 747-200F Freighter, now listed for sale. This aircraft has just over 61,000 total hours of air time, has a fuel capacity of more than 52,000 US Gallons, has just over 17,000 total cycles, and the landing gear was all overhauled and reinstalled in the late 90’s.

Among the avionics are a Collins VHF Nav/Comm system, a Collins RDR Radar system, a Sperry Autopilot system, and all the basic avionics that came with the plane from the factory. It comes with 4 JT9D-7J Stage III engines, has a maximum take off weight of 805,000 lbs and a maximum landing weight of 630,000 lbs.

This plane is currently set up as a cargo plane, but could easily be turned into a wonderful passenger plane. If you are interested in this aircraft, check out for more information and pricing range. Take control of the skies with your own Boeing 747.


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