Gladiatus free to play multiplayer game

Gladiatus is a continuously evolving Massively multiplayer online game where you play as one of the many gladiators of Ancient Rome. Although not mandatory, players generally compete in trying to become the highest ranked character in the Arena and/or the specific game server

Your character comes with an array of different stats;
  • Strength determines how hard your character deals damage. For every 10 strength levels, your character can deal an additional 1 damage plus the damage delt by any wielded weapon. Strength is the most expensive stat to train. strength also determines the chances of blocking a hit.
  • Skill determines how accurate your attacks are. The higher the skill level, the more attacks hit the opponent.
  • Agility determines how badly you (the player) are hit by an opponent. The higher the agility level, the less damage you'll be likely to take.
  • Constitution determines your HP level. Training this skill means you can add to your base combat level HP. This along with agility is the cheapest skill to train.
  • Charisma determines the likelihood of dealing two consecutive blows. The difference between your charisma level and your opponent's determines this likeyhood. For example, if you had 50 charisma and your opponent 40, you have a 10% chance of dealing consecutive strikes. If the charisma levels were reversed, the opponent has a 10% chance of doing likewise back to you. Charisma and skill cost the same to level up. Less than strength, but more than agility and constitution. Also, charisma determines your threat while defending in a dungeon.
  • Intelligence Has no bearing on combat at all. It's sole use as of August, 2008 is to determine how much you or your medic heals while doing dungeons. It also affects +critical healing, the reverse of critical damage.
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